Posters are a really great way to advertise your business and showcase what products you have to offer. They can also be entertaining and a vital piece of your decor. Whatever the goal, you can make them stand out by choose illuminated LED poster display boards. They are far better than simply pinning or sticking things to the wall.

Why choose display boards?

The thing to remember about posters is even high quality paper can fade in time and rip or tear. A display board will protect the poster, ensuring it looks great and doesn’t suffer from wear or fading. More importantly, the LED lights can make them stand out even more so they grab attention.


One of the great things about the display boards is you can place them almost anywhere. For starters, you can have them in shop windows so they stand out to anyone who passes by. This could encourage more people to stop and read or even step inside. Why not make your shop front stand out and let you project out into the marketplace?

You can also place the boards throughout all kinds of retail and commercial spaces. If you have a new promotion, why not have posters in strategic locations so as many people as possible know about it? Promoting products this way can increase the amount of impulse purchases people make, boosting your sales.

Restaurants and takeaways can use the display boards to showcase their menus or important information. This can make them more visible than using standard sized printed materials.

Ask about our illuminated LED poster display boards

Luxsun strives to offer the very best products and cater for a variety of needs. We have several different styles of board to choose from, including magnetic frame, snap frame, magic mirror, LED crystal, and scrolling LED message boards. There are options for various size requirements, from A4 poster to huge A0 displays.

If you have any questions, please contact us.