There are many different ways you can make a building stand out. Architectural lighting is a great option because it can literally make the property bright and noteworthy. There are many different ways to use the lights to make the right impression. Below we want to look at a few of the best ones.

Accentuating the features

Many buildings have features that you will want to highlight. It could be columns, the entrance, or even a decorative feature. Either way, you can use accent lighting so it stands out. Uplighting is a good option or you can go one step further and choose a flood light.

One thing you can do to highlight a feature is to focus light at the back of it. This can create a dramatic silhouette by making the light on the front softer. It can make it a better visual sight than simply lighting the whole thing up.


Another thing you could do is leave the facade dark but light up the windows. This can add an interesting dimension to the building, especially if you use different colours. The lights could be simple LED strips or illuminated shapes or graphics. Whatever you choose, they will stand out against the darker backdrop.


The texture of the materials in the facade of the building may be something you want to highlight. You can do this with architectural lighting by ensuring the beam will hit the surface at a narrow angle. This will create shadow and draw attention to the texture.


If you are planning on using this kind of lighting, you need to ensure you do so sensitively. It is important to make sure the lights are bright but not blindingly so. You also need to select the right luminaries, ensuring they are reliable and energy efficient. Keep access and maintenance in mind too.

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