At Luxsun, we provide unique lighting options. In fact, we have been a leading provider of LED lights since 2004. We get a lot of people who come to us due to their interest in architectural features. Luckily, we can provide many great options, including a bespoke bubble wall water feature. We can design them in numerous sizes, colours, and styles. This helps you to choose the right model for your property. However, you might still struggle with where you will place your new feature. Well, we have a few suggestions below.

Dining Space

These wall features contain LED lights. This means that they are fantastic in spaces where you want to add a little extra light in a unique way. These lights are special thanks to the fact that you can control them with a remote. You will be able to choose the colour you wish, creating the effect you are looking for.

A Games Room

When you want interesting lighting for your game room, a bubble wall water feature is a wise choice. This decor can act as a mesmerizing focal point for your room and can start conversations with guests. Anyone who comes into your space will quite likely have never seen one before and will be very interested by your water wall.


Bubble walls provide Zen to any area, including workspaces. You will find, like so many other people have, that when you get one of these, it will help you to relax. This is even more helpful in a work environment where you are likely to become stressed from time to time. Even if you are someone who has a job that does not cause any stress, everyone can benefit from feeling calmer.

These are only a few potential locations for your new wall feature. This is an addition that will work fantastically in almost any location, whether this is a bathroom, living space, basement, along with so many other examples. Various commercial sites like spas, restaurants, and other businesses can create an amazing atmosphere with our products.

Design your Bubble Wall water feature

As a huge provider of LED lighting and displays, we help businesses get their hands on the precise items they are looking for. So, for a wall feature you will love, give Luxsun a call. You are sure to enjoy working with us as much as you enjoy our amazing products.