Successful advertising with LED poster displays

Illuminated LED poster display boards are a fantastic way for people to get customers interested in the right things and provide them with information. You will be literally shining a light on your posters and displays. This will allow you to catch the attention of anyone nearby. It can result in a very nice ROI. […]

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So many places you can put your bubble wall water feature

At Luxsun, we provide unique lighting options. In fact, we have been a leading provider of LED lights since 2004. We get a lot of people who come to us due to their interest in architectural features. Luckily, we can provide many great options, including a bespoke bubble wall water feature. We can design them in numerous sizes, colours, and styles. This helps you to choose the right model for your property. However, you might still struggle with where you will place your new feature. Well, we have a few suggestions below. […]

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The best ways to use architectural lighting

There are many different ways you can make a building stand out. Architectural lighting is a great option because it can literally make the property bright and noteworthy. There are many different ways to use the lights to make the right impression. Below we want to look at a few of the best ones. […]

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A modern take on neon signage

If a business wants to be successful, they need to ensure they stand out. That is why so many choose beautiful signage that will grab attention. There are lots of options, from static printed signs to stunning neon. In fact, the latter have become very popular again recently. However, there is a great alternative. At Luxsun we create bespoke signage lighting made with LED neon flex. It has many advantages. […]

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Where can you use LED poster display boards?

Posters are a really great way to advertise your business and showcase what products you have to offer. They can also be entertaining and a vital piece of your decor. Whatever the goal, you can make them stand out by choose illuminated LED poster display boards. They are far better than simply pinning or sticking things to the wall. […]

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Cleaning tips for your Bubble Wall

Luxsun offers a wonderful range of architectural features for commercial businesses. The Bubble Wall water feature is one of the very best because it comes in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles. The walls create an eye catching feature so they are great if you want to enhance your decor. The high end look is perfect for restaurants, bars, and more. […]

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