A revolutionary replacement for traditional Neon!

LED Neon Flex

This best-selling innovative Flexible LED Neon Strip has a translucent PVC cover that offers uniform light and gives the perfect Neon effect! Unlike traditional Neon Lighting, ours is flame retardant and less fragile since it is usually glass based!

LED Neon Flex
LED Neon Flex on Dutch Fish Bus

Eye-catching with many uses...

Our LED Neon Flex can be applied in many different places, whether it is on display signage or used as lighting for your property: our LED Neon Flex lighting looks good anywhere!

I bet you look good on the dance floor...

Based in North West England, Luxsun's own LED Neon Flex has taken over most popularly known night clubs as it provides the perfect lively atmosphere for everyone to have a good time around!

LED Neon Flex Dancefloor
Photo showing an LED Neon Flex Sign "Latinos"

Stunning Signage!

LED Neon Flex can be used to make neon signs that look just like traditional neon signage! Our team can create specialised signage lighting that can be either dynamic or static, with lots of potential for some interesting signs.

We can create your own custom Neon Flex Sign for you!

LED Neon Flex Signage - Choose Your Backing
LED Neon Flex Signage - Specify Your Desired Size
LED Neon Flex Signage - Choose Any Font
LED Neon Flex Signage - Add a Printed Graphic
LED Neon Flex Signage - Add Some Neon Art
LED Neon Flex Signage - Add an Animation
LED Neon Flex Signage - Wall Mounted or Hanging
LED Neon Flex Signage - Acrylic Case

Get in touch with us today!

Ever since 2016, we have been creating LED Neon Flex Signage for many different clients from restaurants to corporate clients - in this ever-changing market, we believe our LED Neon Flex is the revolutionary Eco-friendly step forward from expensive-to-run traditional gas filled fluorescent neon signage.

Once you have read through the steps above, feel free to contact us today to see how we can help you create your ideal LED Neon Flex sign today!