See our fantastic new LED Brick Lights...

LED Brick Lighting

Our LED Brick Lights can be used in pavements, lawns and much more to illuminate your property in style!

Choose from many different shapes, sizes and colours and make your property stand out today.


Surface Patterned Brick Lights

These brick lights come with a variety of pattern choices, to suit your garden's environment during the day - and illuminate your garden during the night time in style!         

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Solar Panel Brick Lights

These completely portable efficient LED brick lights come on at night time and are charged completely by the sun. All you need to do is place them in your project with no wiring setting up needed!      

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Landscaping Panels

Frosted Surface Brick Lights

These brick lights look great in driveways, pavements and gardens, and come in a variety of sizes to illuminate your landscapes in style!   

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