Luxsun offers a wonderful range of architectural features for commercial businesses. The Bubble Wall water feature is one of the very best because it comes in an array of shapes, sizes, and styles. The walls create an eye catching feature so they are great if you want to enhance your decor. The high end look is perfect for restaurants, bars, and more.

If you do invest in a Bubble Wall, you will want it to look fantastic at all times. A big part of this is cleaning it. However, you need to take care here to make sure you don’t damage the feature. The following tips will help.

Cleaning the water surface

You need to clean the surface of the water feature regularly. If you chose one with glass, you can use a standard glass cleaner. Just make sure you avoid streaks and marks. The stone waterfall features may require brushing so you can get rid of any mineral build ups.

Clean the tray

As well as the water surface, you should be cleaning the tray or base of the feature frequently. You want to avoid things like mineral build ups that look messy.


Sadly it is possibly for algae to start growing in any kind of water feature. If you notice any signs of it, you should treat the problem quickly. You don’t want it to build up because it will cause big problems. There are things you can add to the water to kill algae and prevent it from growing.

Use distilled water

A great tip is to distil water before you use it. This will get rid of impurities and minerals, preventing them from getting in the system. As a result, you should not have issues with deposits in the tray and on the water surface. It can make cleaning your system much easier.

Talk to us about our Bubble Wall water feature

At Luxsun we work hard to deliver the very best products. Our goal is to ensure every client has a wall feature they will be proud of. We have lots of options so we give you the freedom to create a bespoke design you will love.

If you have any questions about our Bubble Wall water feature, please get in touch. We are happy to talk about all the options, prices, installation, and more.