If a business wants to be successful, they need to ensure they stand out. That is why so many choose beautiful signage that will grab attention. There are lots of options, from static printed signs to stunning neon. In fact, the latter have become very popular again recently. However, there is a great alternative. At Luxsun we create bespoke signage lighting made with LED neon flex. It has many advantages.

What is the drawback with neon signs?

While they look great and can be very bright, neon signs are quite delicate. The tubes are glass and full of an inert gas. The tubing could shatter and ruin the sign. In addition, if the gas leaks the tubes won’t light up.

Why choose LED neon flex instead?

The big advantage here is that the LEDs are a flexible strip with a translucent PVC cover. This means they are very durable and not as prone to breakage as glass. LEDs are also known to be able to offer very long life, sometimes as much as 50,000 hours. They should not require much maintenance and will only start to dim once wear sets in.

The flexibility of the LED strips provides another huge advantage. It means it is possible to be even more creative with the signage designs. For example, you can choose to have lettering in an array of different fonts. In addition, you can choose different kinds of creative graphics. Some people even use the strips to line things like dance floors or signs. The flexibility is better than glass because there is very little risk of the tube breaking.

If that wasn’t enough, LED signage is better for the environment because it does not need as much electricity to power it. That means smaller energy bills too.

Bespoke signage lighting made with LED neon flex

If you want to create stunning signs and architectural lighting that will last, come to Luxsun. We offer wonderful products and give our clients lots of design options. Contact us today to learn more, or browse our website.